Vision and Values

The key purpose of MLT is to deliver the best possible education for our students, to enable them to maximise their achievements, academically, socially and emotionally ready to take their place in society as positive and successful adults.  It is the intention of the trust that MLT will become a centre of excellence that enables students of all abilities and backgrounds to succeed in across a broad and balanced curriculum.

MLT will develop as an organisation whose aims are clearly understood and has an outstanding reputation in both the local community and nationally. Prospective staff, students and parents will understand the benefits of being involved in MLT and would rather work for and attend MLT schools, because of the excellence of provision and opportunities provided by being part of MLT.

Middlesex Learning Trust DNA

The Middlesex Learning Trust’s ‘DNA’ will inform all the practice at the schools in the Trust and will be at the heart of the Trust schools’ success. This includes:

  • Unfailing belief in the potential of all staff and students

  • Total commitment from all staff - this dedication to hard work and excellence is infectious. All members of each school community  will ‘go the extra mile’

  • Maximising progress for all – A relentless drive for the very best outcomes for every child, irrespective of background, through a range of effective teaching strategies

  • Doing things the agreed MLT Way – consistency is fundamental to success. Clear and effective core policies and procedures will be developed with staff and implemented by all.

  • The Distribution of Accountable Leadership – appointing and developing exceptional leaders at every level across the Trust will be fundamental to its continued success. This is achieved through talent spotting, nurturing, providing excellent role modelling with clear roles and responsibilities and strong accountability systems in place at every level.

  • Only the best will do - It is all about excellence. High standards are enshrined, modeled and achieved across each school. There is close attention to detail, which includes recruiting only the best staff, making every second of the day count, having a clear and staged improvement planning process all of which enables exceptional practice to be delivered consistently across all schools.

  • Unleashing potential - through intensive and effective CPD provision within and across Trust schools – and retaining excellent teachers essential to our success across the Trust.

  • Positive relationships – Trust Schools are emotionally literate schools, which feature positive, honest and respectful relationships. Students will feel safe and happy at school. First class pastoral care will be the responsibility of all. There will be clarity about the rationale for the Code of Behaviour in each school with clear bottom lines and plenty of praise.

  • Environment Matters - providing the best possible learning environment is key with high quality teaching and social spaces in each Trust school that are light, bright, clean and with a strong focus on excellent displays for learning. Students across the MLT attend and staff work in, safe and welcoming schools.

  • Outward Facing Trust and Schools - we will be constantly striving for improvement with no room for complacency. We take our role as a National Teaching School very seriously, training cohorts of successful beginner teachers through the SCITT, forging very effective partnerships with other schools and contributing extensively to the country’s education system. This in turn will bring the schools in the Trust significant benefits, enabling them to capture best practice and bring it back into each school, weaving it into our Trust DNA as part of a continual cycle of improvement.