Future Developments

MLT’s immediate aims are to deliver a Trust model that underpins the highest level of professionalism while continuing to maximise academic outcomes and opportunities for students. MLT constantly strives for improvement and has zero tolerance of complacency.

In September 2021 Stopsley High School in Luton will be joining MLT. The Trust will continue to strive for excellence by ensuring this school is supported effectively to improve its academic outcomes and increase efficiencies.

The scope and scale of the Trust’s plans are ambitious and will provide new and existing Trust schools with:

  • Significant opportunities for collaboration, school-to-school support, staff development, and local accountability, in order to develop a system which will drive up standards in the areas where MLT operates
  • Economies of scale and purchasing power to ensure excellent value for money
  • Further development of central services capacity which will provide an attractive offer of support for schools at the same time as being affordable to deliver for a small MAT
  • Flexibility of support for each school in order that they develop their individual identity and autonomy to meet the needs of their students and their local community whilst contributing to the development of MLT schools

Within MLT, exceptional leaders, high-quality teachers and high-quality professional support teams help transform the life chances of students and make a real difference in their communities. By working together, MLT’s schools provide a highly regarded and vibrant learning community which is stronger than the sum of its individual parts.